Use of Hollow Glass Microspheres in Coating

Hollow Glass Microspheres in Coating


In terms of coating hollow glass microspheres are considered a perfect fit as they have magnanimous mechanical as well as heat-insulation characteristics. In several countries, the coating is done by the addition of hollow glass microspheres in coatings that are based on acrylic, and this has resulted in the development of coatings that have high absorption but low emittance rate thus it is particularly used in the architectural and industrial fields. PETRA MicroLite Glass Microspheres is the kind of material that falls in line with environmental regulations as well as gives an edge over the competition. It is a material that promotes innovation in the category of raw materials and is even used in the development of unique processes.

In addition to numerous other applications, as light reflectors due to easy availability. Hollow microspheres have a very low density and are spherical in shape.

How are Glass Microspheres Used?

Hollow glass microspheres generate a lot of heat and are resistant to chemicals as well with their density in the category of 0.124 to 0.60 g/cc. The strength of the microsphere is dependent on the thickness of the wall and hence high-density results in high strength. Glass microspheres have an end number of applications in terms of coating and they are used to enhance the functioning of particularly industrial coating. They are also applied in terms of insulation coatings which are thermal and acoustic in nature.

How is it applied in Coatings and Aerospace?

Since the glass hollow microspheres are spherical in shape, their surface area is low in comparison to irregular fillers which results in resin demand which is low. Also because of its shape, it makes it easier for the material to roll past each other thus reducing friction and increasing consistency if they are immersed in liquid as well. Microspheres further enhance the solid composition of a coating and ensure proper application which in turn increases both the weight and the value of the manufactured coating. The enhanced solid volume further reduces the time in terms of drying as well as shrinkage.

Microspheres actually reduce the density of a material which is the prime reason why they are added to coatings. This allows for the coating to atomize well in terms of spraying and it allows allow the coating to splatter less and slows down sagging.

Microspheres are further used in creating shields of space shuttles as they endure high heat. This endurance prevents the shuttle from burning up while re-entering the atmosphere of the earth because of high friction in the air. The same idea is now applied in roofs and sidewalls of a lot of structures such as storage containers, pipes, tanks, etc. to allow insulation as when air is stagnant inside hollow spheres it acts as an insulator.


Hollow glass microspheres have numerous advantages such as insulation, consistency, resistance, gloss, etc. No other material is able to provide a complete substitute of hollow microspheres in terms of performance. PETRA MicroLite Glass Microspheres improves the durability and integrity of coatings. Glass microspheres allow ample resin to be present in the formation of films due to reduced absorption which increases its uniformity and durability. It also enhances the performance of coating overall.

Thus glass hollow microspheres are a boon in terms of raw materials for coating and due to their easy production and availability can be put to end number of uses.

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Hollow Glass Microspheres