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Cenospheres (Expanded Mineral Materials Containing Alumina and Silica) are a by-product of coal burning power plants and are lightweight, inert, hollow sphere filled with air or inert gas, The colour of Cenosphere varies from grey to almost white and their density is about 0.4 – 0.8 g/cm3 (0.014 – 0.029 lb./cu in), which provides them with buoyancy.

Ceramic Microsphere

Ceramic Microsphere (aluminosilicate microspheres) are hollow ceramic beads ranging in size from 5-500 microns that behaves like tiny ball bearings to improve workability, flow under pressure, reduce shrinkage, enhance isotropic properties and reduce resin, binder or water demand due to their low oil absorption level and high packing factor.

Glass Microsphere

Hollow Glass Micrisphere spheres are made of soda-lime borosilicate glass, these additives are chemically inert and water resistant having true density of 0.20-0.60 g/cm3; particle size is 2-130?m having high strength-to-density ratio, so they are both lightweight and strong enough to survive processing.

Solid Microsphere

Solid Spheres are fine, grey amorphous powder, rich in silica & alumina and spherical in shape that are highly reactive and have water reducing characteristics and pozzolanic reaction.

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