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Secondary Emulsifier

Secondary Emulsifier

Secondary Emulsifier OVERVIEW

The secondary emulsifier in this drilling fluid is a fatty acid amide. The hydrophilic group is the amide group and the hydrophobic group is the long chain fatty acid. Its synthesis principles are: Step 1: partial amidation products are generated through the amidation of fatty acid polyamines and fatty acids. Step 2: the partial amidation products react with diacid to amidate the primary amine groups completely and generate the secondary emulsifier of fatty acid amides.

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Secondary Emulsifier is a liquid blend of selected Secondary emulsifier and wetting agent. It acts as a wetting agent, gelling agent and fluid stabilizer in a mineral oil base. It is essentially Polyaminated Fatty acid and Aliphatic Hydrocarbon .It is used to emulsify Water into Oil in Oil /Diesel based drilling fluids .It provides excellent emulsion stability, s also used for filtration control and for temperature stability

Secondary emulsifiers are used in oil-based drilling fluids to enhance the performance of primary emulsifiers used to create a water-in-oil emulsion. In their native state these emulsifiers are high viscosity and high pour point liquids, which are normally difficult to dispense, especially in a cold environment

secondary emulsifiers consolidate stability of the dispersed phase or stability of the emulsion.

Application of Secondary Emulsifier

Secondary Emulsifier provides excellent and very Stable Emulsion and oil wetting agent. It contributes to temperature stability and HTHP filtration control and is most effective over a wide range of temperatures and also in the presence of contaminants .It provides viscosity and filtration control and temperature stability.

Secondary Emulsifier Advantage

It is multipurpose product which may be used in a wide variety of oil mud system.

It improves emulsion stability and functions as a secondary wetting agent.

Provides viscosity & filtration control.

Improves thermal stability.

Works effectively over a wide range of temperatures

Effective at low concentrations

Can be added directly to the system Compatible with other oil-based mud additives

Secondary Emulsifier Typical Properties

Appearance Light Amber Liquid
Viscosity (cps) 20 – 45
Density 0.87 – 1.00 g/cm3

Secondary Emulsifier Packaging

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Secondary Emulsifier is packed in 55Gal/200 Ltr Ms drums. Private Labeling and customized packaging is also available on request


Emulsifiers are a liquid blend of selected emulsifiers, gelling agents, wetting agents and fluid loss control agents used to form an emulsion.

A chemical used in preparation and maintenance of an oil- or synthetic-base drilling fluid that forms a water-in-oil emulsion (invert emulsion). An oil-mud emulsifier lowers the interfacial tension between oil and water, which allows stable emulsions with small drops to be formed.

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Historically, oil-mud emulsifiers have been classified as primary and secondary. Secondary emulsifiers are generally not used alone to make a stable oil mud. Emulsifiers can be calcium fatty-acid soaps made from various fatty acids and lime, or derivatives such as amides, amines, amid amines and Imidazoline made by reactions of fatty acids and various ethanolamine compounds. These emulsifiers surround water droplets, like an encapsulating film, with the fatty acid component extending into the oil phase. Emulsifier molecules that cannot fit around drops form clusters (micelles) in the oil phase or adsorb onto solids. Oil-mud emulsion drops each behave like a small osmotic cell. The emulsifier around the drops acts like a semi permeable membrane through which water can move but ions cannot pass. Thus, oil muds have the special capability (which water muds do not have) to control water transfer to and from the drops simply by adjusting salinity within the water phase of the oil mud.

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