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Mica Fine/Medium/Coarse OVERVIEW

Mica is a natural occurring sheet silicate mineral. Visually, it is a flaky, thin,lustrous mineral. Mica is used to control seepage loss while drilling fractured or porous formations. Mica has no adverse effect on mud properties.Mica is available in Fine, Medium and Coarse grades.

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Application of Mica Fine, Mica Medium, Mica Coarse

Mica may be sued in a broads pectrum of lost circulation environments in treating seepage loss.

Used to treat all types of lost circulation porous, fractured or vugular in both aqueous and non aqueous drilling fluids

The recommended treatment of fine grade is 5 to 10 lb/bbl (14 to 29 kg/m3) for seepage loss control. Depending on severity it is usually used in combination with fibrous and granular lost circulation materials.

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Mica Fine/Medium/Coarse Advantage

Chemically inert

Used to treat all forms of loss circulation

Available in fine (original), medium and coarse grades, allowing the most appropriate particle sizes to be used

Minimum effect on fluid viscosities

Compatible with all mud systems and other lostā€circulation materials

Effective low cost lost circulation material.

Mica Fine/Medium/Coarse Physical Properties

Properties Values
Physical appearance Shinny silver flakes
Bulk density 300-500 kg/m3
Solubility Insoluble in water

Mica Fine/Medium/Coarse Packaging

packaged in 50lb or 55 lb, multiwall, paper sacks. Customized packing can be done as per the requirements

On request, private labelling, specialized packaging, and labelling are also offered..

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