India fulfils Exponential Demand of Cenosphere to Middle East Market

Cenosphere to Middle East Market

Known for its inert nature, the cenosphere is silica and alumina contained hollow spheres, a by-product of coal power plants that are utilized to insulate with their low oil absorption properties making it a highly economic option. Primarily they were used as an extender for plastics because of their affinity with thermoplastics and latex in the United States.

The market for cenosphere categorizes on the basis of distribution channel, type, end-user, form and material. Analysis of the trends in these divisions helps to determine the market demand. White cenosphere, silica-based cenosphere, powder form cenosphere, e-commerce distribution and building and construction are dominant in each category of type, material, form, distribution channel and end-user, respectively.

PETRA BUILDCARE PRODUCTS, one of the with 7 high-end plants across the country, India, has developed this product under the brand name- FILLIT, It has been a revolutionary product in the sector. It is a cost-effective solution to improve the strength and durability of products and equipment. Specially designed with high mechanical strength, chemical inertia and low porosity, properties that are provided by carbon dioxide and nitrogen inside the microsphere, this product has stood the test of time. In thermal power plants, coal is burned at a high temperature of 1,750 °C (3,180 °F) to produce energy, a process which produces fly ash having a variable composition of silica and alumina. The fraction depends on the type of coal used. Cenosphere is mainly procured from ash ponds, a place where wet disposal of fly ash is done.

Petra Buildcare’s Cenosphere has a well-determined fraction of the composition providing a stable product, devoid of any impurities and of good quality at a fraction of cost and weight.

The carefully designed composition makes the product usable as fillers, binders (thermosetting and thermoplastics) and imparts additional qualities of corrosion resistive, thermal and sound insulated. Lack of moisture adds to the benefits, making our products trustworthy and the best in the market internationally with customer satisfaction that has built and increased over the past years.

The Middle East has an abundance of natural gas, concentrating 32% of the world’s total reserve and it steers the major portion of their economy. In these a significant role. It is used in the drilling well to increase the efficiency of the equipment. These microspheres, made from aluminosilicate also increase the life and intensity of the equipment, allowing the investors to draw more profit out of it.

Deeper drilling in oil fields over time can lead to obstruction in pipes and over time can damage the equipment and reduce output. FILLIT decreases the density of the slurry reducing obstruction. Labelled as a Green product, as a filler, these microspheres reduce the weight of slurry even under high temperatures (beyond 1400°C). Lowering the chances of damage to the equipment allowing the investors to draw more profit out of it.

Apart from the oil and gas industry cenosphere is used in construction work. Saudi Arabian government has announced its Saudi Arabia Vision Plan 2030 stating an investment of over USD 450 billion for investment in infrastructure to reduce the country’s dependency on the oil and gas sector. Hence the demand for the cenosphere eventually increases for the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Saudi Arabia to accommodate the urbanization strategies of the government.

FILLIT is an excellent addition to concrete. Cenosphere provides sound insulation and lowers noise pollution, reducing noise transmission coefficient by 40% volume. This is done by reducing the weight of concrete to a density of 1.6 T/m3 and at a compressive strength of 30 MPa increasing the thermal insulation property of plasters and mortars. The addition of this product minimizes sagging and fire protection.

When added to paints, FILLIT microspheres regulate infrared radiation. This mixture when applied on metal surfaces provides thermal shielding and anti-oxidation properties even at higher temperatures. These can also be added in mixtures used for road markings as they effectively reduce salt and crack resistance and provide reflective property to the markings.

Data Bridge Market Research has predicted that from 2020 to 2027 the cenosphere market will grow by 10.2%, reaching a USD value of 85,309.72 thousand by end of the period. The demand increase will be seen in all the sectors, particularly construction, oil and gas, paint and plastic industries. The increase in demand, as researchers suggest, might not be fulfilled due to the lack of raw material availability. Cenosphere is used in thermal power plants and its increased demand is noted in countries like China, Singapore, North America, and Europe. It is used in Hale gas in North America.

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