Hollow Glass Microsphere:

Hollow Spheres are only a fraction of the density of commonly used resins. It only takes a small addition by weight of Hollow Glass Microsphere to displace heavier materials. They simultaneously add volume and reduce density. If you are looking for buoyancy, no filler performs as well as Potters Hollow Spheres. Additionally, they can save material costs; on a volume basis, microspheres are a fraction of the cost of resins.

MicroLite- Glass Bubbles are engineered hollow glass microsphere (HGMS), a kind of ultra-light inorganic non-metallic powder with hollow “ball-bearing” shapes, serves as alternatives to conventional fillers and additives for many demanding applications. These Glass bubbles have a high strength-to-density ratio, so they are both lightweight and strong enough to survive processing. Microlite Glass spheres are made of soda-lime borosilicate glass, these additives are chemically inert and water resistant having true density of 0.20-0.60 g/cm3; particle size is 2-130μm. Microlite glass bubbles are 3M glass bubbles are available in a variety of sizes and grades ranging from GM-20, K-series glass bubbles (K1, K15, K20, K25, K37, K46), H-series glass bubbles (H20, H25, H32, H38H, H40, H46, H60, H60S), S Series HGMS (S15, S22, S32, S35, S38, S38HS, S60, S60HS glass sphere), iM Series (iM16K, iM30K Series glass bubbles), HGS Series (HGS2000, HGS3000, HGS4K28, HGS4000, HGS5000, HGS6000, HGS10000, HGS8000X, HGS18000, HGS19K46) glass bubbles, A16/500, A20/1000, H20/1000, D32/4500, H50/10,000 EPX, HK and HL Series glass spheres to help you meet your product and processing requirements.

Applications of Hollow Glass Microsphere

The unique spherical shape of hollow glass microspheres (HGMS) offers a number of important benefits, including

  1. higher filler loading
  2. lower viscosity/improved flow
  3. reduced shrinkage and war page

 It also helps the hollow glass microspheres blend readily into compounds and makes them adaptable to a variety of production processes including spraying, casting and moulding. Due to its excellent advantages of light weight, bulk density, lower thermal conductivity, higher compressive strength, improved dispersion and liquidity, Glass Sphere can be used as Filler in Painting, Rubber, Plastics, FRP, Artificial Stone, Putty, Exploitation of Oil and Gas and Other Materials.

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