'FILLIT' are hollow ceramic microspheres, containing nitrogen and carbon dioxide negative pressurized gas inside. It has great features as very light weight, low density, high compression strength, high melting point, high electrical resistance, low coefficient of heat conduction and coefficient of thermal contraction, high abrasion resistance and many more. Now these days FILLIT is a World’s No. 1 light weight high performance filler material that may replace other mineral filler for various types of industries. It’s reducing product’s cost and weight and also improves multiple performances of the filled products. As a result, FILLITE plays an important role in multiple applications and creates considerable economic benefit for enterprises.

Petra FILLIT Grades:

FILLITE Manufacturer & Exporter
Petra FILLIT 400 = (particle size is <400 micron size)
Petra FILLIT 300 = (particle size is <300 micron size)
Petra FILLIT 150 = (particle size is <150 micron size)
Petra FILLIT 100 = (particle size is <100 micron size)

Petra FILLIT : Chemical composition (%):

SiO2 > 55 MgO < 1
Al2O3 > 31 CaO > 2
Fe2O3 < 3 K2O > 1
TiO2 > 1.1 loss < 1

Petra FILLIT : Physical properties:

Particle Size (um) 5-400 microns ,[<150 = 70%]
Particle Density (g/cm3) 0.6-0.7 g/cc
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 0.26-0.45 g/cc
Moisture <0.5%
Sinkers <3%
Hardness Mohs Scale 5-7
Loss on Ignition 2% maximum
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 W/mK
Reactivity Inert/very low reactivity
Crush Strength 105-210 kg/cm2 (1500 - 3000 psi)
Oil Absorption 16-18g oil/100g
Flammability Not combustible
Melting point 1500oC approx.

Solubility Negligible in water


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