Ceramic Microsphere:

Ceramic Microspheres are unique, semi-transparent fine particle size high-strength ceramic microspheres. Petra microspheres are engineered to help you reduce costs, increase solids, enhance properties, and improve processability.

Microspheres sometimes called microparticles are made of small spherical particles with diameter 1 μm to 1000 μm (1 mm)). It can be manufactured from different synthetic and natural materials. Hollow Glass Microsphere of hollow ceramic microspheres has very high resistance because they are made in extreme high temperature. To achieve a ceramic melting, the temperature should be above relevant melting points. A subsequent rapid cooling process is the only reason for the hollow drops.

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To become a leader in processing and marketing of cenosphere in the world in most
      cost effective way.  

Mr.Ashish Raninga, Petra Buildcare Products

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