Ceramic Microsphere - An Overview

Ceramic Microsphere

Ceramic Microspheres are very popular in industrial paintings and coatings. They are first invented by NACA (now called NASA) in the 1940s as a substitute for solid ceramic beads. These Ceramic Microspheres are globe-like solid structures with rigid ceramic walls. These Ceramic Microspheres help in producing composites and with the help of composites different products can be manufactured. But sadly, not all ceramic microsphere is the same and the problem which arises is that there are many suppliers who fail to retain the spherical characteristic of this material during its processing. Thus, choosing the most trusted and experienced Ceramic Microsphere is important. Petra Ceramic Microsphere are the solution for manufacturing composites that are lightweight, have high strength, flexible, stable etc.

Composites are very beneficial as they help manufacture a number of products and the use of the composites that are made from Petra’s Ceramic Microsphere/Cenospheres produce less heat, are easily applicable, protect from fire hazards and UV radiations etc. The benefits of composites produced by using Petra’s Ceramic Microsphere (FILLIT) are:

1. Light Weight

Composites made with and Cenospheres are lightweight in contrast to other materials like wood and metals. The lighter composites are better because they lower the use of fuel in automobiles, especially in aeroplanes. Also, the materials made from the composites are easy to install because of their lightweight.

2. Strong

Composites are very strong in comparison to other materials like steel, aluminium. Although metals are also as strong as composites unlike metals, composites can be made stronger in one specific direction according to the need. This is called specific strength and a material’s specific strength comprises its strength-to-weight ratio. Composites are very popular among engineers who are looking for materials that are strong and light as well.

3. Flexibility

Composites are a mixture of resins, reinforcing fibres and additives and thus they can be moulded to design and create various products. There are different types of Ceramic Microsphere available at Petra India group that have different purposes. The use of different Ceramic Microsphere for different composites allows designers to control their flexibility according to their design. Composite is very popular and liked by designers because it can be used to create intricate shapes and contours without the use of high-pressure tools as they are formed when the resin solidifies. This is a very advantageous factor for almost every industry. Many recreational boats are made by using composites as they can be easily moulded into their shape and also reduce the cost of production.

4. Corrosion Strength

Composites are highly corrosion resistant. They not only provide non-corrosion solutions for industries but can also be used for chemical processes, mineral processes, mining, wastewater treatment, air pollution or other severe weather conditions. The corrosion resistance of a composite depends on the type of resins and additives used for its manufacture and Petra’s Ceramic Microsphere provide long term resistance to the composites. This is also of the reasons why composites are used in industries of almost every kind and our Ceramic Microsphere are also versatile in oil fields, construction sites, Refractories, friction industries and thus the composites prepared using Ceramic Microsphere are also versatile and corrosion-resistant.

5. Durable

There is no easy answer to the question that how long composites last? Because there are many structures made from composites almost 50 years ago are still in place. Composites are corrosion resistant and can live through the exhaustion caused by weather or other natural disasters. They can live through UV damage, moisture, chemical exposures, climate changes. Other than the long-life span of composites, they also require very little maintenance. Aerospace Industries use composites heavily because they provide less maintenance and are more durable.

6. Dimensional Stability

Just like composites can be moulded into any shape or structure they can also retain their shape when they are hot, cool, wet and dry. And other materials like wood or metals however cannot retain their shape. Thus, composites are a good fit in situations where good fitting for structures are required. Petra’s Ceramic Microsphere provide more dimensional stability to the composites.

7. Nonconductive

Composites don’t conduct electricity and are nonconductive. This characteristic makes them perfect to use for electrical utility poles and for electrical circuits whereas if anywhere composite is needed to provide conductivity it can be done easily.

8. Non-magnetic

Composites are also nonmagnetic as they contain no metals. This property allows them to be used near sensitive electrical equipment. Also, magnets are used for many industries related construction and it is imperative to use a material that is non-magnetic, this is where composites come in. Also, many equipment that are used for housing needs like table are also made with composites.

9. Strength Related to Weight

Strength-to-weight ratio determines a material’s strength in relation to its strength. There are many materials that are heavy and extremely strong as well like steel and there are materials like bamboos which are strong but light. But composites can be easily designed to be both strong and light. When mixed with Petra’s lightweight Ceramic Microsphere composites become strong and are also lightweight at the same time. This allows composites to be used for making aircrafts because they need strong material and at the lowest weight.

10. Low Thermal Conductivity

Composites also have low thermal conductivity which means that they are very good insulators and therefore they don’t conduct heat and cold readily. The composites which are manufactured by using Petra’s Ceramic Microsphere are used to paint walls as they insulate the walls and keep the house cold in summer and hot in winters.

Ceramic Microsphere and are an exclusive characteristic at Petra Buildcare. They produce lightweight, durable, flexible, and resistant composites and are versatile just like them. All Ceramics are no same and we use the high-quality ceramics that are low maintenance, have less breakage rate, eco-friendly and can be used for painting walls, in oil fields, refractory, industries and can even be used for making plastics. Petra’s Ceramic Microsphere are the future product.

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