Litefil - Cenosphere/Microsphere Benefits & Uses

Cenosphere is also called as Litefil, has high density of Silica & Alumina with different air and gases in it. Hollow Ceramic Microsphere is another name of Cenosphere.

They are found naturally from the process of burning of coal-fired power plants, and has similar properties of manufactured Hollow-Sphered Products. They have hollow spherical structure which helps it to use in different industrial application with their superior properties like high thermal resistance, high strength, low bulk density and high workability.

Manufacturing advantages of hollow ceramic microsphere is that it improves flowability and provides distribution of filler material. Because of its natural properties microsphere can be used in wet slurry or dry form. Hollow ceramic microsphere provides low surface area-to-volume ratio with easy application. It has great inert properties they are not much affected by water, alkalis, solvents or acids.

They are 30% lighter than all resins and 70% lighter among other minerals that are currently used as fillers.

Hollow Glass Microspheres, Cenosphere


Cenosphere - Manufacturing Aspects

  • Cenosphere is cost effective. Its utilization may decrease the expenses of manufacturers.
  • It increases the product quality because of its durability, lower weight and high strength. Because of its spherical shape stability & resistance of product increases.
  • It also helps in controlling thermal conductivity and sound values.

Now-a-days hollow ceramic microsphere are also used in cement as fillers to produce concrete. It plays vital role in concrete countertops. Different uses of cenospheres (Litefil) in concrete countertops are as follows:

  • As a lightweight aggregate
  • As a workability enhancer and extra-fine aggregate
  • As a bulk filler and shrinkage reduce

Lightweight Aggregate

The core reason of using cenospheres in concrete is its light weight from sand. Its Density is 0.7 which is very less as compared to the density of sand i.e 2.65 and water i.e 1.0

 Workability Enhancer

Particles of hollow ceramic microsphere are very minute due to which it behaves like a microscopic ball bearings in a concrete mix. Due to microscopic ball bearings effect, the workability increases.

Bulk Filler

Cenospheres are ideal to use in cement grout slurry because it has light colours and fine particles which helps in reducing the shrinkage.

Uses of Cenosphere (Litefil)

Uses of Cenospheres are explained below:

Aerospace: In aerospace it is used in ceramic insulation, tortuous path matrix, propeller blades.

Ceramics: In ceramics it is used in Tiles, firebricks, coatings, refractory, insulating materials, high temperature cement.

Construction: In construction it is used in acoustic enhancement, acrylic, adhesives, coatings, backer board, wall panels, cements, cultured marble, epoxy, explosives, Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems(EIFS), fiberglass, laminates, light weight aggregate, synthetic wood, spackle, carpet backing, geothermal cements, concrete fiber board, joint compound, wood fillers.

Coatings: In coatings it is used in highways, driveways, underground pipes etc.
Automotive: In automotive it is used in soundproofing, under-coatings, brake pads, sealants, body fillers and putties etc.

Oil Field: In oil field it is used in cementing, drilling muds(decreasing slurry density without increased water content).

Plastic: In plastic it is used in Polyethylene, PVC, compounding film, urethane potting compounds etc.

Benefits of Litefil (Cenosphere)

  • Reduces Weight
  • Sphericity
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Thermal Reflectivity
  • Refractory
  • Strength



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