A cenosphere (ceramic sphere) is a hollow microscopic ball made of smooth silica-aluminum and other minor ceramic elements. Cenospheres, derived from the inferno of coal-fired power plants, have been used for more than 30 years to improve the qualities of many manufactured products in India.

The process of burning coal in thermal power plants produces fly ash containing ceramic particles made largely of alumina and silica. These particles form a part of the fly ash produced in the burning process. Cenospheres are made up of silica, iron and alumina in India by Petra Buildcare Products.

Cenospheres have a size range from 1 to 500 microns with an average compressive strength of 3000+ psi. Cenospheres are used as fillers in lowdensity concrete; in plastics and composite materials used for manufacturing bowling balls, kayaks, surfboards, and automotive components; and in fire bricks, floor tiles, and insulating materials.

Cenospheres are Hollow ceramic microspheres that are a by-product of coal burning power plants. When pulverized coal is burned at power plants fly ash is produced. Cenospheres are the lighter particles that are contained within the fly ash.

Most cenospheres are "harvested" or scooped up from ash ponds. Ash ponds are the final resting place for fly ash when wet disposal is carried out. Some cenospheres are also collected at the power plants themselves. The wet microspheres are than dried, processed to specifications, and packaged to meet customer requirements.

Not all cenospheres are alike. In fact, they can be quite different. The properties of cenospheres depend on the consistency of the coal used and the operating parameters of the power plant. As long as these two factors remain constant, the cenospheres will be quite consistent.

Hollow Glass Microspheres, Cenosphere


Chemical Properties

  • Sillica : 55% - 65%
  • Aluminia : 25% - 35%
  • Iron Oxide : 1% - 5%
  • Titania : 0.5% - 1.5%

Petra Buildcare Products is actively engaged in offering well-processed Cenosphere to the clients. We procure the Cenosphere from reliable vendors who use cutting edge technology for its processing. Our Cenosphere is free from unwanted impurities and therefore assure unmatched quality. The Cenosphere offered by us, is moisture free and thus appreciated by clients. Owing to such efforts, we have become prominent Cenosphere Exporter and Supplier.


The spherical shape of Cenospheres improves flowability in most applications and provides a more even distribution of the filler material.

This cenosphere is highly used in oil drilling, paints, fillers industries etc. Our products are used in oil field cementing to decrease the slurry density.Like sphered products, the properties of these are same. Therefore, this is also known as Glass Beads, Hollow Ceramic Sphere or Microspheres owing to the unique combination of spherical shape, low specific gravity, controlled size, high compression.

Cenospheres primarily used to reduce the weight of Plastics, Rubbers, Resins, cements and extensively as filler lubricants in oil drilling operations under high heat and high stress conditions down the hole. Also used as oil well cementing, mud putty and similar applications.

Cenospheres were first used in the United states as an extender for plastic compounds , as they are compatible with plastisols thermoplastics, Latex.


The process of burning coal in thermal power plants produces fly ash containing ceramic particles made largely of alumina and silica in India. They are produced at temperatures of 1,500 to 1,750 °C (2,730 to 3,180 °F) through complicated chemical and physical transformation. Their chemical composition and structure varies considerably depending on the composition of coal that generated them.

The ceramic particles in fly ash have three types of structures. The first type of particles are solid and are called precipitator. The second type of particles are hollow and are called cenospheres. The third type of particles are called plerospheres, which are hollow particles of large diameter filled with smaller size precipitator and cenospheres manufacture in India.

Cenosphere Manufacturing:

The definition of cenosphere has changed over the last 30 years. Up until the 1990s it was limited to a largely carbonaceous sphere caused by the oxygen-deficient combustion of a liquid fuel droplet that was cooled below 200 °C (392 °F) before it was consumed. These fuel cenospheres indicated a combustion source usinginjected droplets of fuel or the open burning of heavy liquid fuels such as asphalt or a thermoplastic material that were bubbling as they burned; the bursting of the bubbles created airborne droplets of fuel. This is still a common definition used in environmental microscopy to differentiate between the inefficient combustion of liquid fuels and the high temperature fly ash resulting from the efficient combustion of fuels with inorganic contaminants. Fuel cenospheres are always black.

The refractory cenosphere as defined above is synonymous with microballoons or glass microspheres and excludes the traditional fuel cenospheres definition. The use of the term cenosphere in place of microballoons is widespread, and it has become an additional definition. Petra Buildcare Products are many types of cenosphere manufacturing in india.


Ceramics : Refractories, Insulating Materials, Castables, Tile, Aluminum Cement, Coatings, Fire Bricks.

Plastics : Bmc, Injection Molding, Extruding, Smc, Pvc Flooring, Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Film

Nylon construction : Mortars, Grouts, Stucco, Specialty Cements, Acoustical Panels, Roofing Materials, Coatings, Shotcrete

Gunitere creation : Marine Craft, Flotation Devices, Surf Boards, Kayaks, Golf Equipment, Bowling Balls, Footwear

Lawn & Garden Decorautomotive : Composites, Tires, Engine Parts, Brake Pads, Body Fillers, Trim Molding, Plastics, Undercoatings, Sound Proofing Materials.

Energy & Technology : Oil Well Cements, Drilling Muds, Explosives, Industrial Coatings, Grinding Materials, Aerospace Coatings & Composites.


  • Oil Well and Geo Thermal Cementing
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Paints
  • Light Weight Concrete
  • Pace Craft
  • Insulation potting of Electrical Transformers and Coils
  • Foundry and Refractory.

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